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Fri May 14 22:02:41 2004 UTC (14 years, 9 months ago) by jhuggins
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1 $Id: INSTALL,v 1.6 2004/05/14 22:02:41 jhuggins Exp $
3 This set of programs is designed to allow access to the VMEbus
4 through the Tundra Semiconductor Universe and Universe II CA91C042
5 PCI-VME bridge chips. This popular chip is found on many Intel
6 VMEbus Processors including those from:
8 Dynatem, Concurrent Technologies, Xycom, SBS/Or Computer
10 This driver will only work with the 2.2.x and 2.4.x Linux kernels and was
11 last tested with 2.4.7. Also, you must have the GCC compiler
12 version 2.95.x. This program has been made to work with the EGCS
13 compiler with modifications from some of our users, but the
14 VMELinux Project has only enough time for one compiler. Anyway,
15 the two compiler projects are merging back together soon so this
16 will all be a moot point. GCC 3.0 seems to work but has not been tested
17 fully.
19 To install the VMELinux driver and access programs do the following:
21 Change into the driver directory and follow the instructions in the
22 INSTALL file.
24 Change into the vmeutils directory and follow the instructions in the
25 INSTALL file.
27 Change into the vmeshell directory and follow the instructions in the
28 INSTALL file.
30 The ca91c042 directory contains a C program which is a Linux Kernel
31 Module. It can be added and removed from an operating Linux system.
33 The vmeutils directory contains a C++ source which creates a program
34 that can access the ca91c042 driver through some file in the /dev
35 directory. It also serves as an example of how to access the driver
36 for other programs.
38 The vmeshell directory contains shell scripts that access the vmeutils
39 program from the command prompt. These scripts are very useful for
40 casual access to the VMEbus.
42 What is missing from the file collection is an example of how to use
43 the ca91c042 driver for interrupts and other real-time access. The
44 proper method for this is to write another kernel module program in C
45 that accesses the routines loaded by the ca91c042 module. An example
46 of this will be coming soon to www.vmelinux.org.
48 The VMELinux Project started out only as a method of getting access to
49 the VMEbus using Linux and Intel based processor boards. It serves
50 this purpose well, but has grown into a decent VMEbus solution for
51 more severe tasks. One company is relying on VMELinux and Linux to
52 provide Real-Time access to custom VMEbus boards with Interrupt rates
53 in excess of 2000 Hz.
55 We hope you enjoy the use of Linux in your VMEbus solution. This file
56 collection is licensed under the "VMELinux Software License" (a copy of
57 the Apache Software License) in support of the "Open Source Initiative."
59 View the license at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/apachepl.html.

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